About BeMedia

Committed to budget-friendly, high-quality websites for local businesses.

We Make it Simple

We think obtaining a website shouldn’t be stressful (or break the bank)!

Extensive Expertise

Our team boasts over 20 years of experience serving small businesses.


Your website will outshine competitors with industry leading performance!

Affordable Monthly Rates

Acquire the website you desire with low monthly payments — starting at just R500 per month.

All-Inclusive Packages

Our adaptable plans encompass everything required for online business success.

Hi. I’m Jo

I’m a huge fan of small and local businesses. Being a small business owner myself, I understand the challenges and rewards that come with running your own show.

It’s no secret that big companies and franchises are taking over independent businesses at a worrying pace, mainly due to their huge online marketing budgets.

That’s why I created BeMedia. I believe small business owners like you should have a fair shot at competing. While companies have deep pockets, they often struggle to adapt and change quickly – something small businesses can excel at. The key to staying ahead? Embrace an agile approach to your website.

We are passionate about helping small businesses succeed online. On top of that, work with several digital marketing professionals in BNI (Business Network International), where they focus on enhancing the online presence of real people and businesses.

For a small monthly investment, you’ll not only get a top-notch website but also the ability to outsmart the competition with unlimited updates, ensuring your site evolves as your business grows. There’s no catch – I’ve crafted specialized website packages that include everything your business needs, all at an affordable price.

So, let’s get started and show those big companies what small businesses can do!

Frequently Asked Questions

| Only R500? I thought websites cost tens of thousands of Rands!

BeMedia offers a subscription service covering website design, hosting, security, and ongoing content updates – all at an affordable monthly rate.

In contrast to conventional website design services, there’s no substantial upfront fee. Your website expenses are billed monthly instead of upfront.

This ensures your website remains safe, secure, and current without extra charges, providing more budgetary freedom for other marketing endeavors.

| What if I just need my website redesigned?

No worries — it highlights the advantage of our subscriptions! With our plans, you’ll never purchase a “new” website again — we’ll update and modify as needed.

| How does this differ from Wix or Squarespace?

DIY platforms expect instant web developer expertise — not only building but maintaining your site. With our plans, we handle the hard work, letting you focus on your business.

| How long is my subscription?

Subscriptions require a 24-month commitment, followed by a month-to-month contract. Simple as that!

| What advantages does a subscription have over traditional models?

Subscriptions aren’t for everyone, but they can offer immediate ROI, reduce risk, be more future-proof, and have faster turnaround times.

We’ve detailed the benefits here.

| Seems too cheap… What’s the catch?

It’s natural to be skeptical. Learn about how we can offer these prices. Give it a quick read, and you’ll see how it’s sustainable for our agency.